Eagleman 70.3 delivers fast course

Eagleman 70.3

Welcome back from Cambridge MA, the following is race details from Eagleman Half Iron. 

Weather: Overcast 75 degrees, water temp 72, winds NNE 5-12mph, 80% humidity 

Known as a very fast and flat course Ealgman has a long tradition of producing personal records.  Starting with the swim in the "choptank" river, many athletes on this race day experienced unusually favorable currents.  Some of the first pros exited the water in ~22min.  On this particular year the chop in the river was not as bad as previous years and the white caps from small waves were noticably absent. 

Rolling out onto the bike course the speeds were fast on the way out with a slight tail wind pushing athletes towards their destinations.  During the bike course it was never lonely as the Eagles circled high above, (we're not sure if they are keeping company or looking for a fresh triathlete snack!)  On the second half of the ride the winds kicked up a bit and slowed some of the good riding times but on the whole quite a smooth day.

Starting the run in shade meant that the runners would have their day.  Aside from higher humidity, the cooler temps and lack of sun allowed Natasha Badman to PR and set a new womans world record for the Half Iron distance at 4hrs and 8min!  Woah. 

At the run turnaround it was great to see many familiar faces out their.  Many thanks to the Tristar Athletes who raced incredibly well in their new Tristar gear.  See you in Lake Placid

Coach Cliff 

4hr 25min

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